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Joint Health Formula
Discover what a remarkable difference OsteoHA can make in your life!
Pat Fuller was sick and tired of NOT getting the relief she wanted. Then one day, she decided to try OsteoHA risk-free. The results? NOW she's got real relief, and she's not alone!


  • Thanks to OsteoHA, you are about to discover how men and women who were stuck in NEUTRAL are now completely active and enjoying life again. You're invited to join them risk-free!
  • You'll see how joints that were once stiff are now more flexible with LESS discomfort!
  • You'll be thrilled to discover that people just like you are now driving, golfing, hiking, sleeping, playing the piano, dancing and enjoying life. You'll meet these people in the pages that follow.

But first, let us tell you why it hurts and how you can alleviate the discomfort and start living again!

If you could shrink yourself down and take a fantastic voyage inside your joints, you'd soon encounter a giant, pillow-shaped structure called a bursa sac.

These "pillows" are filled with a cushioning liquid called synovial fluid.

Just like motor oil in an engine, this fluid keeps your joints lubricated. That way, your cartilage (if you have any left), stays moist, slippery and you experience LESS discomfort.

But as you grow older, your synovial fluid starts to diminish... and the friction inside your joints increases. The result? Inflammation and pain associated with aging.

35 Years of Pain Vanished!
Real relief at last!
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Here's what you need to do NOW...

Suppose you could plump up those bursa sacs and "top them off" just like you do with motor oil in your car? Isn't it reasonable to assume that your joints would be smoother and healthier?

Of course it is. That's exactly what OsteoHA helps do for you or you pay NOTHING.

You see, OsteoHA was specifically formulated to include hyaluronic acid–so it delivers nutritional support to the synovial fluid inside your joints. That's very smart because aging and ordinary wear and tear can really take its toll and trigger discomfort! That's where OsteoHA comes in.

OsteoHA helps CUSHION your joints

So when you take a capsule of OsteoHA, you're actually helping to support your joints' bursa sacs– as you alleviate the aches!

Elemmia is enjoying "blessed" relief because she tried OsteoHA risk-free...
35 Years of Pain Vanished!
My back feels great again!
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Just pour a glass of water, take your OsteoHA and you're done for the day!

It's such a simple thing, yet it can make an enormous difference in the quality of your daily life.

Why? Because you'll be delivering nourishing nutritional support that helps relieve your discomfort, increases flexibility and helps reduce underlying inflammation that can cause everyday discomfort. The result? You can...

Say YES to an active, happy life!

If you're tired of achy joints, you need to know all about HA. The remarkable story behind this nutrient begins here.

But that's only the beginning of what you get in OsteoHA.

A medical miracle from the Holy lands may be the miracle you've been hoping for...

You also get an ancient herbal medicine that's been proven by recent research. Phytomedicine reported that "All patients reported decrease in knee pain, increased knee flexion and increased walking distance. The frequency of swelling in the knee joint was decreased."

Cool down the inflammation inside your joints...

But that's not all. To help soothe the underlying inflammation in your joints, OsteoHA's formula includes another remarkable herbal antidote. It might even be in your refrigerator right now. See here for the full story... and look for the Gingerbread Man.

Customers report astonishing relief...

We're still not done though. When you're in pain, you want real relief, so OsteoHA also includes a powerful, herbal pain reliever. How well does it work? Many of our customers have reported ASTONISHING RESULTS—as you'll see in the pages that follow.

Glucosamine and chondroitin can't do all this for you...

Glucosamine and chondroitin are old news, dear friend. OsteoHA is so much better, so much faster, and so much better for beating pain, you'll never need anything else.

Just call toll-free today! 1-800-218-1379

When Sue's doctor examined her, he was utterly amazed, so she told him about OsteoHA and he said, "KEEP TAKING IT!"

Every time Sue visited her doctor for the past
two years, she complained about the aches and discomfort in her joints.

After taking OsteoHA everything changed...

"I am FREE at last thanks to OsteoHA!! My doctor was surprised when I wasn't complaining about my discomfort... I told him what I was taking (OsteoHA) and he said keep taking it!!!

"He hasn't seen me moving like this for the last two years."

35 Years of Pain Vanished!

"I also have... my friends taking OsteoHA too, three of them are noticing how much better they feel too. I have a big mouth and I know how to use it!!! I am telling everybody about OsteoHA!!!

It works!!!"

Sue isn't alone! Our desks are piled high with letters from people just like Sue!

Here at the Institute for Vibrant Living, we're proud to help people like Sue. And we're SO confident OsteoHA can do the same for you, you're invited to try it without risking a single penny. If it doesn't work for you... it's FREE."

So go ahead. Don't suffer anymore.Take back your life! Call the toll-free number below right now. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose except the discomfort and stiffness.

Just call toll-free today! 1-800-218-1379

Creaky knees, ankles, elbows, backs and hips wrecking your daily life?
Your Joints Need a "Lube Job" Plain and Simple.
It worked for the Tin Man, it will work for YOU too. Check the SCIENCE...
Amazing OsteoHA Breakthrough

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is THE key nutrient that helps lubricate the spaces between your bones. And as you grow older, your body produces less and less HA.

The result? Your joint space narrows, your bones start rubbing together and you experience pain and inflammation.

That's why we've INCLUDED this powerful ingredient in OsteoHA...

Just take an easy-to-swallow capsule, and you get your hyaluronic acid (plus much more) in oral form. Best of all, the relief is long-lasting. As long as you keep taking OsteoHA, you get relief.

There's just NO need to suffer anymore...

OsteoHA is your easy solution for getting BACK the active life you really want -- with flexible joints that don't hold you back. Why would yo even consider expensive solutions that are probably NOT covered by your medical insurance...when you can get inexpensive, lasting relief from OsteoHA.

EVERY joint in your body is nourished from the inside out...

The only approved method for HA shots is directly in your knees. So it does nothing for any of the other joints in your body. OsteoHA nourishes every joint in your body-not just your knees. That way, you get relief in your shoulders, elbows, hands, and even your back. It just couldn't be any easier to get inexpensive, lasting joint relief from OsteoHA.

Try OsteoHA risk-free—and NEVER risk a penny!

Simply call the toll-free number below, and we'll rush OsteoHA straight to your mailbox with our old-fashioned, iron-clad guarantee: if it doesn't work for you pay nothing.

Just call toll-free today! 1-800-218-1379

To create a REAL solution for your joints, we have quite literally gone to the ENDS of the Earth for the breakthroughs you need, for instance...
In a remote corner of Japan, there's a very
special place called the Village of Long Life...

The residents of this village have a longevity secret that helps keep your joints healthy...

It's called Hyaluronic Acid or HA. And it's found in the native foods. What does it mean for your joints? Just look...

The village is called Yuzurihara. And it made headlines years ago when researchers discovered that the residents lived extraordinarily long lives. But it wasn't just the length of their lives that was amazing, it was their incredible health and physical fitness.

Because of their unique climate, rice doesn't grow well in Yuzurihara, so they grow vegetables that are bursting with HA or hyaluronic acid.

Scientists believe that hyaluronic acid (HA) enables cells to retain moisture and keep our joints lubricated.

That's another reason why we added HA to the OsteoHA formula. And why we believe OsteoHA can help make a profound, lasting improvement in your joint health and flexibility.

But please don't take our word for it. You're invited to try OsteoHA completely risk-free, and get 2 FREE Special Reports (a $19.90 value) if... you call now. Remember, OsteoHA must work for you, or it'sFREE.

Just call toll-free today! 1-800-218-1379

The "Village of Long Life in Japan is legendary for the longevity of its residents. They routinely live into their 90s and beyond FREE of joint pain and disease. Now, we may know their secret...

Aurora and her husband needed a solution for their backs, so they tried OsteoHA
without risking a single penny.

OsteoHA is NOT just for knees, it's for every joint in your body.

Sunny wanted REAL relief, then she tried OsteoHA and told us...

"What a pleasure!"

Due to their type of work she did, Sunny had a sore back and was NOT getting the real relief
she wanted... AND NEEDED. That's when she decided to call our toll-free number and try
OsteoHA risk-free. What happened next? She recently told us: "May back is just fine
now, what a pleasure!"

—Sunny Clark, Payson, AZ

When your BACK hurts, life is literally
a pain in the back. OsteoHA helps
deliver the REAL support you need
to start living again!

And right now, you're invited to try OsteoHA completely
risk-free. If OsteoHA doesn't work for you pay nothing.
What are you waiting for? More pain? Call right now!

Just call toll-free today! 1-800-218-1379

Joint pain? This ancient gift, from the Three Wise Men, is the miracle you've been hoping for.

It's called boswellia. You might know it as frankincense...
Amazing OsteoHA Breakthrough

frankincenseThe boswellia in OsteoHA comes from a healing tradition that stretches back
thousands of years. And it's STILL being used today to help relieve aching joints and inflammation...

The BEST solutions for your joints often combine the latest, most well-researched nutrients with ancient remedies that have a track record that stretches back thousands of years. OsteoHA is a perfect example.

Our boswellia serrata is a well-known herbal remedy for aching joints, discomfort and inflammation. This remarkable, healing herb comes from a tree that thrives in the arid regions of the Middle East, and you've probably heard about it by it's other name: frankincense. Yes, it's the same frankincense brought to the baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men. It was a miracle back then, and it's a miracle today too... FOR YOUR JOINTS.

That's why we added it to OsteoHA. It's also why we're so willing to make this unsurpassed, risk-free invitation: Call the toll-free number below and tell our operators "I want relief!" We'll send you OsteoHA with this iron-clad promise... IT WORKS FOR YOU OR YOU PAY NOTHING.

Just call toll-free today! 1-800-218-1379

The frankincense tree thrives in the arid soil of the ancient Holy Lands.

Pat's achy joints were holding her back. Thanks to OsteoHA she's active, happy and enjoying life!

Pat is DRIVING again!

Before taking OsteoHA,
Pat told us her right knee
was holding her back.

Then she tried OsteoHA without risking a penny...

The results? Pat is living a full, active life!

She's shopping, cooking, going to the
theatre and more!

Pat was TIRED of the impact the relentless aches and pains were having on her life. She tried other natural remedies but never got the REAL relief she hoped for.

Then she tried OsteoHA and reported "Now I can drive myself to... the grocery store, sit in a movie theatre three hours, go to my church, and stand up and cook at the stove for my family... OsteoHA works!" —Patricia Fuller, Lindenwold, NJ

This is an actual X-Ray of a Knee Joint

If your knees bother you, life seems that much harder. So you need a solution that delivers REAL relief, not just a "band-aid" that helps a little, or not at all. That's why we urge you to call our toll-free number and try OsteoHA risk-free today.

Remember, if it doesn't work for you, you're protected by our unconditional guarantee of satisfaction. If you don't get the results you want, you pay
nothing. How's THAT for old-fashioned fairness? CALL NOW!


Just call toll-free today! 1-800-218-1379

This cookie, and OsteoHA, have a secret ingredient that's pure magic for your joint
pain. It's ginger...

Amazing OsteoHA Breakthrough

Who says there's no such thing as "comfort food" for your joints? NOT OsteoHA!

Our all-natural formula is packed with ginger because it comforts and soothes your joints so they stay nice and healthy the way Nature intended.

And right NOW, you're invited to try OsteoHA risk-free. That means if it doesn't deliver for you, you don't pay a single penny for your bottles! Don't you wish our whole medical system worked like this?

"WOW!! I am amazed..."

-Donna F.

"OsteoHA—it actually alleviated ... (discomfort)! I have not been (this happy) in more than a year.

I was really skeptical. I had tried so many things through the years, and always with the same results—none. Well, this time it was different. I was not only good physically, I was great mentally.

I wish I could tell you in person how different my life is just in the short time I have been taking OsteoHA...I am amazed and so are my friends. If anyone is skeptical about trying OsteoHA, please give it a try. You have nothing to lose and less pain to gain. I already have five friends who are ordering it just because of my changes...I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this product. Thank you."
– Donna F.

Just call toll-free today! 1-800-218-1379

Sue had just about given up her active, happy life. Then she tried OsteoHA and told us "It really worked!"

Are YOU desperate for relief?

We get HUNDREDS of letters from customers who felt the same way. Then one day. RELIEF arrived in their mailboxes!

Sue K.

Sue got THIS brochure in the mail and decided to try OsteoHA risk-free. "It really worked for me. I can't
believe it!"

Sue was on the brink of giving up all hope. Then all of a sudden "I got the booklet in the mail... It caught my eye so I was reading it... and I ordered 6 months supply of OsteoHA... and got started taking it. It was wonderful. I can't believe it. It really worked for me."
—Sue K., Massillon, OH


Editor's note:

Remember you never risk a single penny when you
try OsteoHA. If you don't get the relief you need, you
don't pay a penny. That's a real, old fashioned
promise from the folks you trust at the Institute for
Vibrant Living. Don't suffer another second, call our
toll-free number right now!

Just call toll-free today! 1-800-218-1379

Vernon tried every natural product he could find and the pain just refused to go away. Then he received our OsteoHA brochure in the mail (just like this one) and decided to accept our "it-works-or-it's-FREE" invitation. What happened next?

Joint Pain? Phooey! Vernon Just Hiked The Great Wall of China Thanks to OsteoHA...

Vern is a happy world traveller thanks to OsteoHA!

Try OsteoHA Risk-Free. It works for you or it's FREE!

Vern loves to travel, but his joints were holding him back. He tried other solutions but never really got the results he wanted. He began to wonder if he'd ever travel again the way he wanted...

Then THE brochure arrived
in the mail!

"One day, I received your booklet explaining about OsteoHA, so I decided to give it a try. To my delight, it has allowed me to do things I didn't think I could.

Recently, I took a trip to China and I was able to walk The Great Wall which was very rough and uneven... thanks so much! I am 68 years old and still able to function!"

—Vernon Guidinger, Chino, CA

Just call toll-free today! 1-800-218-1379

Susan tried EVERYTHING she could think of for her knees and was just about to give up. Then one day...

...I got something in the mail that changed everything. It was your product OsteoHA.

Susan Sandquist

Susan read our brochure and decided to try it. Her husband was SUPER skeptical. Guess who was right? "OsteoHA has given me a new life, " Susan told us.

"I have never written a company before about a product that works as it says it will, ...and I have tried everything that comes along," Susan told us. Yet NOTHING worked until she called our toll-free number and tried OsteoHA without risking a single penny. OsteoHA's powerful formula not only eased her pain, but gave her a whole NEW life!

It can do the same for you, if you just keep an
open mind and try it on us. Remember, you're
completely protected by the iron-clad
PROMISE below...

Just call toll-free today! 1-800-218-1379

Is joint pain keeping you up at night? Robert's
joint pain kept him up, then he tried OsteoHA
and now sleeps like a baby every night...

"To sleep through the night is a blessing!"

Robert was frustrated that his joint pain was keeping him up at night. He just couldn't get comfortable. He had tried other solutions with no success, then one day...

"My wife sent away for OsteoHA. I didn't want to try them. She said the worse that can happen is nothing.

So I tried them and am so glad I did. To sleep through the night is a blessing. I am putting my own shoes and socks on and I am walking. The future is looking a whole lot brighter now. Thank you God and thank you OsteoHA."

—Robert Borek, Utica, NY

Joint pain and
soreness make it
difficult to get
OsteoHA helps
support healthy
joints for all-day,
and all-night
To Try it Risk-Free, Call Toll-Free 1-800-218-1379

Karen tried EVERY natural solution for her knee—with no relief. Two weeks after taking
OsteoHA she told us "Great Stuff!"
—Karen M., Fort Worth TX

Karen was almost ready to give up, instead she replied to this mailer and tried OsteoHA
completely risk-free.

A short while later she reported that OsteoHA was "GREAT STUFF!"

Karen's knee pain was making her life difficult. But she didn't give up! "About that time I received your advertisement in the mail." she told us. "Your offer of a refund if it didn't work is what sold me. I finally found relief!"

Karen was SO pleased with her results she recommended it to her brother who reported the same relief!

"I take my OsteoHA faithfully every day now, Karen told us recently, "Great stuff!"

To Try it Risk-Free, Call Toll-Free 1-800-218-1379

Amazing OsteoHA Breakthrough
OsteoHA helps cushion joints like a comfy pillow for better lubrication which means more mobility and flexibility.

The result? You can walk on the beach, open a jar, play with your grand kids, travel the world, or tend your garden...
INSIDE your joints are tiny, fluid-filled “bursa sacs filled with synovial fluid. They're like pillows that keep your joints comfy and pain-free.”

INSIDE your joints are tiny "bursa sacs"
filled with synovial fluid. They're like
pillows that keep your joints comfy ."

Synovial fluid, it turns out, is filled with a nutrient called hyaluronic acid or HA—the exact same nutrient you get in OsteoHA.

OsteoHA helps support healthy HA levels, so your joints are lubricated and flexible.

The result is that your "bursa sacs" plump up just like a pillow—so you get the extra cushioning you need to enjoy an active life.

You're invited to try OsteoHA completely risk-free.

If OsteoHA doesn't work for you, you pay nothing. And if you call the toll free number right now, you can get 2 FREE Special Reports just for trying it. They're a $19.90 value, and they're yours to keep FREE

Try OsteoHA Risk-Free!
Just call toll-free today! 1-800-218-1379

Thanks to OsteoHA, Lynn told us: "I was able to start
roping steers... mow my lawn... care for our horses...
whatever is needed around our horse operation!"
Lynn H.

Running a ranch is hard work... really hard work. But Lynn loved every minute of it, until her joint pain got in the way. She refused to give up, however.

Finally, she called our toll-free number and tried OsteoHA risk-free. What happened next?

"Within (two weeks), I started getting relief...and got increased mobility. I was able to start roping steers... I am able to mow my lawn, care for our horses and whatever is needed around our horse operation: Stack hay, clean corrals, fix fences, exercise horses and other related activities to a horse operation.

I feel that others (with OsteoHA) could regain most of their mobility... especially in their knees. With the use of this product, OsteoHA, I was able to get back to doing the activities I enjoyed when I was 75 years old."

–Lynn H., Sterling,CO

Try OsteoHA Risk-Free!
Just call toll-free today! 1-800-218-1379

What would you do first if you experienced REAL relief?

I am playing my PIANO again!

"I've been using OsteoHA... and found it really helped the stiffness in my fingers. When I play the piano my joints are very supple!" —Jeanne W. Scottsdale, AZ

IMAGINE being able to do
THIS again!

OsteoHA helps reduce inflammation and LUBRICATE your joints so they are flexible again!
Try OsteoHA Risk-Free!
To Try it Risk-Free, Call Toll-Free 1-800-218-1379

Here's an old-fashioned idea: How about we send you OsteoHA and you try it without risking a penny. If it doesn't work for you—you pay nothing. Zero. Zilch! That's NOT just hype, it's...
Our Personal ZERO-RISK Promise to You
From the folks you trust at the Institute for Vibrant Living!

I've got this CRAZY idea that you should never pay for something if it doesn't work for you. Sure, it's old-fashioned, but our customers love it! YOU will too!

When I first founded the Institute for Vibrant Living, I made a pledge to myself and our expert medical research team. Here are the exact words I wrote on our first day of business:

The Institute for Vibrant Living Unconditional Pledge of Quality, Excellence, and ZERO Risk...

You Never Risk a Penny!
  1. Our products must be deliver the results you need, or you pay nothing.
  2. They must include the finest available ingredients.
  3. Our customers will NEVER risk a single penny when they try our products. If it doesn't work for you, it's FREE. You can return the EMPTY bottles, say "no thanks"
    and still get a full refund (less shipping and handling). No questions asked.
  4. We pledge to protect your privacy at all times, and at all costs. We will not harass you with phone calls, or send a salesman to your door.


Bill Ruble, Founder,
Bill Ruble, Founder,
Institute for Vibrant Living®








Beat your pain! Try OsteoHA with
Just call us toll-free 1-800-218-1379 or return your ZERO-RISK Trial Certificate right now! Remember, you're completely protected by our ......
Large Type, Nothing-To-Hide

When it comes to OsteoHA and all our products, we still cling to the old-fashioned notion that you should never pay for something if it doesn't work wonders for you. That's why this guarantee is in large type with nothing to hide.

JUST GIVE IT A TRY, and if you're not 100% delighted with the results you get, just send it back for a full and prompt refund(less shipping and handling). No questions asked. You can even return the empty bottles and get a full refund! Fair enough? Good. So go ahead and take the first step to...

  • All Day Energy GreensHealthy Knees...
  • Healthy Back...
  • Healthy Shoulders, arms and hands...
  • Renewed self-confidence...
  • LESS dependence on others...
  • FREEDOM to golf, drive, travel, play with your grandchildren, walk on the beach and squeeze every last ounce of joy from your life!

– Save over 40%!

Order a 6 month supply of OsteoHA for the
price of $139.99– that's less than $24
a bottle! I will receive TWO bonus Special Reports
worth $19.90 absolutely FREE. Shipping*
(a $7.99 value) is also FREE. That's a total value
of $267.83
for ONLY $139.99.

GREAT VALUE – Save 25%!

Send me a 3-month supply of OsteoHA for the low price of $89.99 – that's only $30 a bottle! I will also receive 10 Medical Breakthroughs from the Longest Living People on Earth worth $9.95 absolutely FREE. Shipping* (a $7.99 value) is also FREE. That's a total value of $137.91 for ONLY $89.99.

Send me a 1-month supply of OsteoHA for $39.99, plus $7.99* shipping & handling (total $47.98). # AV01


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration

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